The REALTOR® and MLS® brands and trademarks are a big part of selling Real Estate around the world. Your REALTOR® produces accurate, up-to-date information and analysis on economic issues, property valuation, market trends, and other important information for the benefit of their client.

How Canadians Benefit

REALTORS® established a Code, which sets out their standards of professional conduct and helps protect the rights and interests of buyers and sellers. The Code helps create a level of trust between REALTORS® and their clients. They maintain advocacy to the government and influence legislation for the benefit of homeowners. REALTORS® strive to better serve their clients, by keeping a vigilant eye on both the economy and government and review economic statistics and provide analysis, that enhances the quality of advice they provide to clients.

Organized real estate in Canada operates at three different levels.

  1. The real estate board generally operates at a local level.
  2. Provincial and territorial associations represent their province or territory
  3. CREA represents the industry nationally and internationally.

"As a young couple and soon to be married, Chris helped us narrow down and find the perfect home for the next step in our life. We appreciated his deep knowledge of the Ottawa real estate market and home construction to point out any issues with houses we were considering buying. He was readily available to answer our questions (even late at night), helping us put worries aside and assure us that we were confidently making the right decision. In Ottawa’s fast-paced real estate market where your dream home could easily slip away, Chris helped us navigate the buying process and come up with the best strategies to make sure that didn’t happen to us. We’ve been in our home for a year now and similar townhouses on our street have sold for almost 50K over what we paid. Not only did Chris help us find our dream home in a great neighborhood, but he also helped us build amazing net worth. Don’t expect a transactional relationship with Chris – months after we purchased our home, he continued to check in with us to see how we are settling in, and if we needed help with anything. We strongly recommend having Chris by your side for your next home buying experience.

Always know the highest bid or offer price

Make informed offers, and buy with confidence