How to sell your home faster and for more money

How to sell your home faster and for more money

How to Sell your Home faster and for More Money

Are you wondering how to sell your home? how do you sell it faster and for more money? There are more options available to home sellers then ever before, from "for sale by owner" systems, "tradtional" real estate listings with brand recognized brokerages, "competitive bidding" auctions online or onsite and many more?

The fastest way to sell a home and get the best market value is with Competitive Bidding Auctions. Here are the reasons why!

1. The sold date is predetermined by the seller and auction house

2. The sale price can be reserved or absolute. 

A reserved price is where the seller sets a "buy it now" price and any offers at that price or highier will be accepted at closing.
Absolute is where the home sells at the highest price offered, this often will lead to the impression the buyer will get a better deal and creates more interest, more offers and more buyers creating a competitive bidding scenerio

3. the seller pay a very low or no commission on the sale price of the home. 

4. there are no conditions as the property is sold as is, where is, so the property is closed on the same day its sold.

5. deposits are kept in trust and lawyers and finance companies are prepare to title search and close quickly

6. The competitive bidding system is co brokered with a registered and insured real estate brokerage to ensure compliance of ethics and professionalism

7. the entire process of listing the home, virtual tours, digital e signature of documents and processing deposits and legal matters all done online quickly and efficiently.

Oleskii Getmanets

When we arrived in Canada, for a long time we could not find an apartment. Christopher helped us a lot, he listened to our requirements and quickly found several options, and soon we were moved into a great apartment in a beautiful area. He helped with the paperwork and consultation. We were very pleased with the quality of his work.  Thanks!