Our Team

Our Team

Christopher Lyons

Broker of Record, Auctioneer, Residential home designer and project manager, CEO, Father of 3, lover of life, friends and family. I enjoy Japanese fencing, archery, hockey, old movies and music with a good beat, recently have fallen in love with vegan food (who knew!)

Stephanie Burnette

Stephanie is a determined and empowered professional who does her best for our clients and is always excited to tackle new challanges and meet new clients. She is a responsible and proud mother of 2 amazing kids, loves her family and friends and enjoys hibernating in the wintertime (who doesnt!)

Daniel Lyons

Specialist in Business Developement and over 40 years of Real Estate Auction experience. Daniel loves his family, old movies and the thrill of the sale.

Beverly Fortier

A experienced professional with a interest in financial matters, book keeping, healthy living and emproving the relationships with her friends and family. 

Robert Hambly

A well traveled, enthusiastic, professional photographer, videographer and lifestyle content creator. Roberts creative talent, experience and vision bring the best out of each project he takes on. A loving father of 2, husband and sport enthusiast (Go Liverpool ! Go! ) Robert brings the diamond to the screen.

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