World Class Competitive Bidding


The sale of real estate by competitive bid is an exciting, open and transparent way to sell real estate and meets the requirements for an "Arm’s Length" Transaction.

In today’s fast-paced world of doing business, technology is changing the way we "Promote and Market Real Estate". 

Our advanced mobile technology broadcasts our listings, engaging with buyers in real-time, and accelerates the interest in every property we promote for sale.

Qualified buyers from local, regional, and global markets compete with each other, creating the maximum potential to ascertain the highest market-driven price in a pre-defined period of time.

"Get buyers competing for your property and ascertain the highest market-driven price, on a pre-defined date."

The XLR8 mobile APP is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Our world-class bidding platform is blazingly fast, updated in real-time, and designed to "push' targeted buyers on their smartphones for maximum exposure and engagement.

Sellers and Buyers benefit from our advanced mobile technology with the ability to make offers online in a convenient, secure, and reliable method.



  • There's no ceiling when selling by competitive bid. 
  • Competitive bidding attracts serious pre-qualified buyers
  • The Seller knows the exact date the property will sell
  • Properties can be sold very fast, with our growing pool of buyer investors.
  • Eliminates contingencies for closing

The traditional method of selling real estate has drawbacks, especially for hard to value properties like farms, cottages, older buildings, special use.

Selling Real Estate by Competitive Bid is Open and Transparent and meets the requirement of an Arm’s Length Transaction and ensures true market value.



We Sell Real Estate by taking it to the next level! 

As Real Estate Brokers we have the necessary and exclusive Realtor tools available to research the "real value' of the property and provide you with the facts needed to make informed decisions when selling.

Professionals like us stay informed about market trends and know how to best advertise and promote the sale of your property. 

As Accredited Auctioneers of Real Estate (AARE), with the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), we know how to produce results to achieve the highest price, in the shortest time.


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