How to Bid


Our mobile technology broadcasts directly to our user's smartphones, tablets, or computers, providing an exciting opportunity for buyers and sellers to shop from anywhere, safely and virtually.

The app is blazingly fast, updated in real-time, integrated with password-encrypted technology for a safe and secure shopping experience.

Sellers and Buyers benefit from always knowing the current highest price and the time left to close the sale. Never worry about buying blind again.

We are 100% confident the process is Open and Transparent between the buyer and the seller. Putting both ends of the transaction on fair and equal footing.

Online Bidding Options

Bid online from anywhere!

Never miss an opportunity

 Download the app to your smartphone today. Works for both Apple and Android.

Always know the highest bid, before you offer.

a better buying experience, when you buy with confidence.

Always be ready

Mobile app... Never miss a bid.

Click on the Blue chat button for help.

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What an exciting way to buy a home.

see the offer price, before you bid.